How To Have Shiny Healthy Hair

Have you always aspired to have hair that is glossy, shiny and that looks great all the time? Do not be fooled by all the beauty magazines, those often involve a lot of styling and editing. But you can easily get your own hair to look healthy and great the year around. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your hair healthy and looking great…

Get a good hair cut

Do some research and get a good haircut. A great haircut by someone with experience can really change how you look and how your hair looks. If you are constantly busy ask for a cut that requires minimum styling and that will allow your hair to look great as it is without needing to straighten, blow dry or curl it. A great cut will take advantage of your natural texture and highlight it. You should also get regular trims which can help your hair grow faster and can prevent split ends from forming. 

Protect your hair

Your hair like any other part of your body needs protection. It is likely that your hair is exposed not only to the elements but also to a number of styling products and tools. Tools that use heat like hair irons and curling irons can with constant use lead to damaged hair. You may want to consult a hair loss dermatologist in Melbourne who can tell you what to do to fix damaged hair. Certain products and an over use of products can leave your hair dry and brittle which can also cause hair to fall out. This too can be addressed by a hair loss dermatologist. If you cannot afford to make an appointment with one then your best option might be to lay off using too many hair products and to stay away from styling tools that apply heat to your hair. Opt instead for air drying your hair or putting in pin or sock curls or relying on braids to style your hair. Your hair will thank you for the break and will look shiny, healthy and strong in no time.

Stay healthy

The best way to achieve shiny healthy hair is to eat right and stay hydrated. Your hair can get dried out and you can use natural oils like coconut or almond to condition and hydrate your hair. These oils will help strengthen your hair, can promote hair growth and can also double as stay in conditioner and a styling mousse that is all natural! The benefits are endless and your hair will look great!