What Type Of Fabric Is Animal Fabric?

If you are an animal lover and you feel sick just by the notion of animal made objects because you don’t want them to be hurt then you need to relax because we are talking about the kind of fabric that is surely made from the animal products but animals are not harmed in any which way during this process. Let us take an instance of wool that is collected from the fur of a sheep. Well, it is the requirement of a sheep that its fur must be shaved off every now and then because overgrown fur on sheep can cause it various health diseases. Different sectors are involved in the manufacturing of a single fabric material. The process of making fabric begins from agricultural sector and finally it reaches to the residential sector. Basically, there are three affront types of fabrics which differ on the basis of their composition. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that what type of a fabric is animal fabric.

What type of a fabric is animal fabric?

Fabric can be defined as a cloth that is manufactured after being harvested and processed through various stages at agricultural sector and later on in industrial sector. Even though there is huge variety in the kinds of fabric but on a general level fabric can be divided into three different types. This division is done on the basis of their composition processes. There is natural fabric that is made by the animal products (mainly their fur). Cotton, silk, wool and linen comes under the category of natural fabrics. Then there is the best kind of fabric that is extracted from plants. Finally, there is synthetic fabric which is artificially made by the combination of different materials and passing them through specific chemical reactions. Nylon, spandex and polyester are few examples of synthetic fibres.

Animal fabric:

As the name implies, animal fabrics from Australia are the kind of a fabric that is manufactured from the animal products like the fur or feather of animals. This type of fabric is also known as natural fabric because the fabric is purely made from the use of natural products. Even though most of the animals are not armed in the making of natural fabrics but there are some such products as well which surely harm animals like the products which require an animal to be killed must not be made or used.


Animal fabric is the kind of a fabric that is made by the extractions of wool or fur of the animals. Such kind of fabric is known as natural fabric as no additives are used in its manufacturing. The kind of animal fabric that is made by killing the animals must be banned by the consumers as well as by the manufacturers. “Kaleido fabric” provides the best quality of animal fabrics that are available in different patterns and designs which surely will attract the customers all across the Australia.